Work With Me

Sawubona, Molo, Hello, Ni hao, Salut and thanks for dropping by! You may be a brand, travel enthusiast or fellow blogger; regardless I am happy you made it here! I’m thankful that my little space of reflection and happiness has garnered your interest.

Hopefully you have some understanding of who I am as a person and blogger and why I have such an affinity for traveling.  I started this journey on Instagram showing some of my travels over time in pictorial form. Fast forward 2 years later with a beautiful and niche community of followers I’ve decided to share more tit bits about my travels.

I’m honestly just getting started and would love to be on this journey with you. I currently have an Instagram reach of over 75,000 per week from over 100 countries. I hope to convert this reach to more amazing readers of this new and exciting blog going forward.Travel is both a public and private thing for me where I see growth in myself and my followers through learning various things from the new places I discover. As mentioned, I do believe my community is a niche one which really loves my first hand account of all these different places. As a young millennial a lot of people love the fact that I am able to balance work and traveling adventures and look to my platform to educate and share how they also can try and find the right balance. I’m incredibly committed to only partnering with brands that I love and see value in for my readers as it is a small community which really trusts my first hand experiences.

I am extremely open to hearing new and innovative ideas on how to create social media buzz and drive traffic to their websites, here are just a few of the ways in which we can collaborate:

Brand Ambassadorship

Restaurant Review

Hotel Review

Sponsored Post

Destination Marketing Campaign

Freelance Writing

Travel Product Review

Social Media Takeover

Thank you Tunisia for a wonderful holiday!!!!

I’m open to other ideas always, so feel free to contact me on to pitch your proposal. Thanks again for dropping by and  I cannot wait to work together! In the meantime, stalk my Instagram  – I hear its all the rage!