About Me

Welcome Welcome Welcome!!! Thank the Lord of Light and The Many Faced God that you found me (Yes, I’m sorry I am part of the 99% of people who don’t hide their love for GoT – if you have no idea of what I’m talking about, please ignore this and keep scrolling).

I’m not sure what you did wrong in your previous life to end up here, but here we are gathered and I’m so glad you made it. I have wanted to detail some of my adventures across the continent (THE continent – yes, Africa) and the globe for quite some time, but I am another millennial who gets bouts of thinking her life is too busy and she has no time for things she actually loves! Welp.

A sunny day on Mahe Island, Seychelles

I am an African who loves traveling, has worked mainly in investment banking since graduating college (yay Middlebury College!) but never really saw the continent that I worked so hard in school to be able to make my way back to.  I felt like I was working and not fulfilling all the things I wanted to fulfill. I would leave Johannesburg on a Sunday, be at a client’s in Nigeria or Kenya till Friday and fly back to Joburg on the last flight back on Friday. It became such a bad joke with all my friends that they kept laughing at my Instagram handle @beeinrsa which is short for bee (my nickname) in the Republic of South Africa (‘RSA’). They, at some point, started a petition within my friend circle for me to change my Instagram handle because I was never in RSA! But to me I was never in the countries I was working in because I would land and only see the inside of my hotel and the inside of a client’s office.  What to do with such a dilemma! Nope not quit my job (My parent’s are African and that is as good an explanation as you are going to get – when you know, you know).  I decided to simply step back, prioritize seeing these beautiful places even when I have work… Spend an extra day here, take more days off than the required full 10 days required by law for bankers etc

Looking for gelato in Milan

So why exactly are we gathered here on this auspicious occasion? Bear with me as I share with you my nomadic lifestyle tracing some of the corners of Africa that you may have never heard of (punctuated by some amazing spots off the continent). I hope there’s something for everyone from  sharing some budgeting tips for being able to afford these places, sharing some of my favourite restaurants and  watering holes in general and my general experience on my trips (You will have to be strong and keep it moving if there are too many photos of Aperol Spritz’ or Vino in the background).  I hope the platform is as funny and interactive as I think I am inside my head.  And yes…these things really do happen to me.  Th last disclaimer on this is of course. I do have a full-time job, so I will try my best to be as present as possible and to share any sage advice I can offer – but often I’m inundated by work and trying to bring down the patriarchy!

My main emphasis when are go on holiday is 1) Finding somewhere new,  2)finding the perfect cultural activities to immerse myself into, 3) Finding some activities – hiking is always a must, 4) finding some amazing food, 5) finding a beach to read a good book on. *Gasps* in hoping not to sound too cliché…  I, of course, always try to keep in mind a healthy budget – experiences are great, but not if you’re still paying for them 6 months later.  I know I’m more fortunate than most in having a broad group of friend’s around the world because of my high school (Yay, United World College) but I always try to keep a healthy balance of crashing on a friend’s couch and finding the perfect hotel or backpackers that allows me to be close to all the activities I would love to be a part of in a new city or country.

A Dawa a day…
* A Dawa is a local favourite cocktail in Kenya, the word also means medicine…whoever named it knew what they were doing.

Come on an adventure with me which is sure not to leave you disappointed (T & C’s apply)! Feel free to shoot me your questions on the location / activities or suggestions of any interesting things I should do while in a new place! This is a platform for all of us and to share stories and adventures!